Audit & Assurance

Our team specializes in providing auditof clients in order to fulfill the requirements of any regulations for financial statements disclosure. An annual audit is more than a control procedure or a statutory obligation. Annual audit encompasses not just conducting the audit but also providing you with updated insight into your business. We also make thoughtful recommendations allowing you to better manage your business. Our specialized and dedicated team covers many industries and sectors, thus enables them to focus on key areas of risk, adequacy of internal controls and potential areas of fraud.

Integrated Internal audit approach addresses all aspects of the company’s operations such as risk management process, financial audit, compliance review and operational audit. The Integrated Internal audit process ensures transparency, fair evaluation, undisputed conclusions and consensus on implementation strategy. This helps clients to keep a check on their controls and timely rectification of any issues.

Services we provide:

  • Statutory Audit
  • Tax Audit
  • Financial Analysis & Due Diligence
  • Internal Audit
  • Stock Audit
  • Attestation Services

Tax & Regulatory

Taxes today should be conceptualized as a dynamic item of cost, rather than a charge on profits. Therefore, sound financial decisions shall be backed by the right tax advice. We have a specially dedicated team who, are well versed with the various Tax laws, to provide business and personal tax advice and support. Tax laws are now getting complex and therefore it’s most important to ensure that businesses undertake adequate tax planning at an early stage.

We provide consultancy and compliance services for executives and employees of large organizations. We also provide a substantial range of estate planning and personal tax services for clients with family and private businesses. Additionally, we also focus on consulting and advisory services for mid-sizeto large-sized corporates in the field of direct taxes including regulatory and compliance issues.We provide continuous and regular assistance to clients to address issues and challenges posed by them with regard to regulatory framework and tax regime.

Services we provide:

  • Filing of returns and other Statutory Compliance
  • Domestic Tax Planning
  • Structuring of transactions and enterprises
  • Tax Representations

Business Start-up & Support

Starting and surviving in a business is a herculean task due to higher uncertainty and limited initial resources and therefore any new business needs a consultant or a patron. Given the challenging circumstances that a new business has to grapple with having an expert business consultant is highly expensive. Therefore, we at HHDA help our clients in incorporating a structure for a business and hand-hold them in the initial phase of business at an affordable rate.

Accounting is one of the basic needs of any business house. It is difficult to make sound business decisions in today’s dynamic business environment without having timely, reliable and meaningful financial data. We at HHDA provide outsourcing of accounting and compliance services. We also have a record of being efficient and delivering the services on time. Under this umbrella, we provide services such as maintaining accounts, regulatory compliance and virtual CFO services.Through this service we step into the shoes of the company’s CFO and make decisions that are good considering the financial prospects of the company. Confidentiality is ensured as all the records are held off-site and payroll details are only disclosed to designated personnel.

Services we provide:

  • Outsourcing of accounting services
  • Maintenance of statutory and secondary records
  • Cash Flow management
  • Review, monitoring, supervising of financial controls
  • GST Compliance and filings under other legislations

Valuation & Financial Modeling

Valuation is the process which involves application of multiple procedures and methods with the intent of determining the current worth of an asset or a company. The need for transparent and robust valuations to support corporate transactions and to meet regulatory and accounting requirements has increasedbut justifying the value of assets and liabilities has become more complex and critical for most businesses.We at HHDA help our client in demystifying the true value of their assets or business. Our services include performing valuation of companies, shares and securities or intangible assets.

Financial Modeling is building an effective business model, whether it's to evaluate a transaction, a new market opportunity or for other strategic investments, is a complex and difficult task. We can help you carry out the model review, model support and model-build activities you need to make key decisions and improve your strategic outcomes.

Services we provide:

  • Valuation for Income Tax – ESOP, Issue/ Transfer of Shares
  • Valuation for RBI- Issue/ Transfer of Shares
  • Valuation for SEBI- Listing, Delisting, Takeover Code, ESOP
  • Valuation for Corporate Restructuring- Amalgamation/Merger/Demerger
  • Acquisition related valuations
  • Valuation for Insolvency Proceedings
  • Valuation for financial reporting under Ind-AS